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So cute!

It's cute, and in armor like me!

What does your favorite armor look like?

Song Meme! Kinda

Hey, I've been kinda busy, sorry I didn't post all that much. But I heard a song on the radio if you can call a singing snail a radio and it reminded me of home. So I was wondering if anyone else had a song, or songs, that reminded them of home, too! Umm... I've seen a couple of these meme things, how on earth do you say that word, anyway? and I thought it would be fun to make one to find out!

So, post your name, where you're from, and the song that reminds you of home!

Oh and umm... nice to meet you to the new people I haven't met yet! You can still post here even if I've never talked to you before. ^_^

Paintball War Day whatever.

Um, guys? Don't look at me please. I don't have any idea where my clothes are and I'M NAKED!
So, it's been pretty crazy ever since I got to this island. Luckily I'm pretty fast, especially considering my size. It's probably because I'm super light. Hehe.

I'm getting COVERED in paint, but luckily I'm pretty much the only one.

Killua, we make a great team. ^_^

Back to being me

Well, it was kinda nice to get to have my physical body back. I'm sorry to all those who had to live in this armor, though. I hope it didn't scare you too much, and thanks for taking care of it!

There were a lot of things that I got to do while I had my body that I'd been wanting to do for a long time. Like eat apple pie, and pet a cat. Actually, I got to pet two cats- Happy and Elphaba. Well, Elphaba's a tiger, really, but still. She didn't growl at me like she usually does! Though maybe that will change again.

Oh! And welcome to the ship, Imagin people! I hope you like it here! ^_^


Is something weird going on? I... I actually fell asleep. It's been forever since I've slept! I'm a little bit confused right now. Did Nii-san actually show up here on the Grand Line? And I um... I'm missing my armor. NOT that I'm complaining! It's nice to have a body again! It's just... I'm not used to feeling everything, you know? So I'm kind of disoriented getting used to it.

And whoever left me this Marine uniform... um. Thanks.

Oh, and I'm STARVING. But I can't seem to move very much. Can someone help me down to the cafeteria?


Hey guys! I think I'm ready to transmute Dawn so that she'll be fireproof. It'll be tricky, and hard to do, but with Levi's help I should be able to make it work.

Oh, and Natsu. I rebuilt that town for you after you burned it all. Please don't do that again, it was hard enough to clean up after Nii-san. And he at least helped with repairs.
To: All members of Fairy Tale and Vice-Admiral Garp's Marine
From: Alphonse Elric
Re: Pre-battle information on the Thunderstone Pirates

Alright guys, this is what we need to know!Collapse )

Mar. 19th, 2009

So... I think I've figured out the chemical composition of seastone. It's... really complicated! The structure is like nothing I've ever seen before. Hey, I heard there was another scientist doing research on it, too. Is there any way to get access to any of his published writings? Has he ever published anything on the subject?

Lucy, thanks for the schematics of Dawn. I'm working on a fireproofing method right now. I think it's going to be awhile before I get the seastone stuff figured out, so I'm taking a break until I can find some more reliable sources.

Levi, Natsu, I might need your help as well. Levi because you might be able to help me with the transmutation, Natsu because you know a lot about fire.
This is kind of a cool place. I mean, on the whole, like, the whole world is pretty nifty. I just learned a ton about Devil's Fruits and this stuff that's like, solidified seawater called seastone. Nii-san, we should try to learn how to make it! And we probably ought to get that room cleaned up before the Commodore gets back.

Lucy, it was very nice to meet you the other day. Your ship is awesome! And it looks really good with the symbol on it.